Testing your water is crucial since not every water issue can be smelled or tasted. This is why testing your water is an important step in identifying any potential water issues you may face in your home, such as hard water problems or potential contaminants. Here are five reasons why you should test your water:

1. If you have recently moved

New homes mean new water sources and environmental factors that can affect your water quality. A home water test can ensure you understand what’s in your water and if any treatment is needed.

2. If you have a private well

Private wells aren’t regulated like municipal water systems, so regular testing is essential. Common issues for well water in Sonoma County include hard water, iron (rust stains), and sulfur (a rotten egg smell).

3. If you have taste or odor issues

When your water tastes or smells bad, the negative impact goes beyond drinking to cooking, bathing, and more. Chlorine is a common culprit (it creates a bleach-like smell or taste), as are dissolved solids.

4. If you have spots, stains, or buildup 

Buildup on faucets and showerheads and spots on your dishes are signs of hard water, which can cause long-term damage to your water-using appliances, costing you money and creating headaches.

5. If you’ve heard about local water issues

You may hear local news reports or feedback from neighbors and other community members about water issues in your area, which could mean your water may also be affected.