Transform Your Water with a Well Water Softener

Hard water is one of the most common problems for well owners. With a Culligan® water softener for well water, you’ll get the cleaner, soft water you need to enjoy spot-free dishes, brighter laundry, smoother hair and skin and longer-lasting appliances.

Why Choose a Culligan Water Softener for Well Water

From innovative systems to unparalleled service, everything Culligan Water does helps provide you with the best soft water experience you can get for your well water.

World’s Most Efficient1

Save on water, energy and salt with our high-efficiency systems.


Smart Features Available

Track water usage and enjoy worry-free maintenance with system alerts for leaks or service needs.


Cost Savings Benefit

Reduce spending on soaps, detergents, lotions and cleansers when you don’t have to deal with hard water buildup.

Water Softener Systems for Well Water

Experience an uninterrupted supply of soft water with the dual-tank design.
Soften more water for your large household and tap into smart features.
Tackle hard water and iron with an all-in-one solution.
Address hard water and iron-related water issues, plus get Wi-Fi connectivity.
Our most advanced softener offers hassle-free control through our app.

Water Softener Reviews

The water softener really works for hard water stains…

We have well water and I have dealt with the stains… I also like the monthly service that includes repair or replacement of any malfunctions.
— Frank and Lori D, TX

The service is not only fantastic but they have integrity…

We have well water and at times the water will have [an] odor. Culligan products and their softener prevents any odors and softens our water which makes it extremely nice.
— Joan and Dennis M, MO

Culligan was so helpful in replacing our softener…

I relocated and had never used well water before and they explained everything well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!
— Suzanne R and Sheldon N, ON

Frequently Bought Together

Depending on a variety of factors, including location, well water can contain a variety of contaminants, so combining multiple solutions is often recommended. Appreciate peace of mind and savor fresher, higher-quality water when you complete your collection of water systems.

Water Softening

Protect yourself and your home from hard water damage.

Reverse Osmosis

Treat your drinking water for a broad range of potential contaminants.

Whole House Filtration

Address common well water issues like iron, sediment, sulfur and more.

Never Question Your Water Quality

Private wells are not government regulated, so annual water quality tests are recommended for well water. With Culligan, you can schedule a free water test and consultation with one of our experts, who can then recommend the best solutions.

Benefits of a Water Softener System for Well Water

With soft water, you can protect yourself and your home from the damage hard water can do.

Longer-lasting Appliances

Reduce limescale buildup so water-using appliances run more efficiently.


Hydrated Hair and Skin

Improve dry skin, brittle nails and itchy scalp with every rinse.


Cleaner Home

Spend less time cleaning with less buildup on sinks, tubs and shower doors.


Greater Savings

50% lower detergent costs when washing laundry, hair and body in soft water.3

Well Water Softener FAQS

How do I know if my well water needs a water softener?
Common indicators of hard well water are dishes that have spots even after going through the dishwasher, problems with dry or dull hair and skin, buildup on faucets and shower walls, and a reduced lifespan and performance of water-using appliances. However, the best way to find out if your well water would benefit from a water softener is by scheduling a free water consultation with a Culligan expert. They’ll come to your home and test for hard water along with other common water issues. They will then recommend the best solution to ensure you get safer, high-quality water.
A water softener uses basic chemistry to keep mineral buildup from negatively impacting you and your home. Here’s how it works: Hard water is caused by high amounts of calcium and magnesium, which are particularly common in private wells because they use groundwater. Calcium and magnesium are both positively charged ions. Meanwhile, the main tank of water softening systems is filled with negatively charged resin beads. As hard water flows through the softener, the positively charged calcium and magnesium are attracted to the negatively charged resin beads and removed from your water.
If you’re dealing with the unfavorable effects of hard water — like dry skin and hair, limescale buildup around faucets and showerheads, soap scum on shower walls or inefficiency or breakdown of your water-using appliances — a water softener can help.

The cost of a Culligan water filter will depend on the system you choose as well as its features, efficiency, capacity and more. Culligan offers flexible payment plans whether you decide to rent, purchase or finance. Schedule your free, in-home consultation and a Culligan Water expert will help you determine what your home needs.