Aquasential® Smart High Efficiency Softener-Cleer

Get soft, cleaner water throughout your home while also targeting iron with this all-in-one well water softener system and filtration solution. With advanced features like salt refill alerts and maintenance updates, you can rest assured that you’re getting the top-quality water your home deserves.

Ready for a water upgrade? Your local Culligan® water experts can help determine the right solution for your municipal or well water. Schedule your free, in-home water test or phone consultation to get started.


Upgrade Your Water and Your Home

Next-Level Water Plus Wi-Fi Connectivity


Timely Reminders

Receive salt refill alerts right on your phone so you never have to worry about running out.


Effortless Maintenance

Feel confident that your Culligan water expert is up-to-date on your system’s performance with maintenance alerts and service needs sent right to their team.


Built-In Sustainability

Set goals for water usage and conservation and track your progress, so you can feel good about your water in more ways than one.


Flexible Usage

Set your water softener on bypass in the Culligan Connect App to save soft water during times when you don’t need it — like filling up the kids’ pool.

Greater Capabilities, Exceptional Water

Personalized Softness

Ensure the feel of your water is exactly how you love it with the Dial-a-Softness® control.

Insightful Operation

Stay in-the-know with the Soft-Minder® Meter, which monitors daily water use and provides advanced system diagnostics.

Made-to-Fit Solutions

Choose from a variety of municipal and well water softener systems that can fit in your laundry room basement, garage or outdoors.

Durable Design

Get peace of mind that your system will resist UV rays, rust and corrosion with the four-layer Quadra-Hull® tank.

Advanced Softener Options for Your Home

There are four municipal and well water softener system sizes available, and all of them can be installed inside or outside. Your local Culligan water expert will provide recommendations based on your water flow, usage, hardness and pipe size. They may also recommend additional product options to address any other water issues or needs you may have.

Proportional Brining

Increase efficiency and reduce salt usage by allowing your softener to only regenerate the part of the resin bed that has been exhausted.

Salt Level Monitor

Effortlessly maintain your system with a monitor that tells you how many days of salt are remaining in your tank, with notifications available through the Culligan Connect App

Leak Sensor

Experience comfort and peace of mind with an external leak sensor that can detect leaks around your tank as well as nearby water-using appliances. If detected, you’ll receive alert notifications right through our app.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your Culligan product for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, Culligan will remove the product and refund the purchase price.


Third-Party Certified

The Aquasential Smart High Efficiency 9″, 9″ Outdoor, 9″ Upflow, 9″ Upflow Outdoor, 10″, 10″ Outdoor, 10″ Upflow, 10″ Upflow Outdoor, 12″, 12″ Outdoor, 14″, and 14″ Outdoor have been tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 372, CSA B483.1, and NSF/ANSI Standard 44 for the effective reduction of hardness (calcium and magnesium), barium, and radium 226/228 as verified and substantiated by test data.​
Learn more about product certifications here.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

Schedule a free, in-home consultation and water test to get one step closer to the soft water your family deserves. With options to buy, finance or rent, your local Culligan water expert will make recommendations based on your home, water usage, test results and any other concerns.

Our Environmental Impact


World’s Most Efficient

With patented technology, Culligan’s Smart HE Water Softener saves on salt, water and electricity usage, reducing operating costs by up to 46%.³


Earth-Conscious Innovation

We prioritize sustainability in designing and developing new products.


Global Water Leadership

Culligan has joined the CEO Water Mandate and the Water Resilience Coalition to lead the way in positive, global water stewardship.


Culligan products are reliable and long-lasting, with industry-leading warranties.

  • Quadra-Hull® conditioner tank and Cullex® resin: Lifetime
  • Aquasential Smart High Efficiency circuit board, control valve body (excluding internal parts), salt storage container, brine valve and all its component parts: 10 years
  • Soft-Minder meter, Smart Brine probe, Salt Level Monitor and Aqua-Sensor probe: Five years
  • Entire conditioner: One year

To access customer support, call your local Culligan water expert or​ fill out this Maintenance & Support form​.






A – Total Height





B – Resin Tank Height





C – Resin Tank Width





D – Brine Tank Width/Weight

16” 250 LB or 18” 375 LB Brine Tank

18” with 375 LB Brine Tank

18” with 375 LB Brine Tank

24” with 600 LB Brine Tank

E – Brine Tank Height










Total Hardness Maximum

50 gpg

75 gpg

75 gpg

75 gpg

Total Dissolved Iron, Max 10 ppm²

2000 gal

3000 gal

4000 gal

6000 gal

Resin Volume in Cubic Feet

Cullex® Media, 1.0 ft³

Cullex® Media, 1.5 ft³

Cullex® Media, 2.0 ft³

Cullex® Media, 2.0 ft³

Rated Service Flow in Gallons Per Minute

9.0 gpm @ 12 psi

9.4 gpm @ 13 psi

10.0 gpm @ 11 psi

10.6 gpm @ 11 psi

Efficiency Rated Dosage³

4,751 grains/lb @ 4 lb salt dosage

4,732 grains/lb @ 5 lb salt dosage

4,052 grains/lb @ 7 lb salt dosage

4,052 grains/lb @ 10.5 lb salt dosage

Our unmatched, white-glove service doesn’t stop at your free water test and consultation. Your local Culligan water experts will be there to help for the entire life of your water softener with installation and maintenance, assisting with needs such as salt refills, system sanitation and more. They can even monitor your system proactively for issues, offering you further peace of mind.


Convenient Service Plans

Sign up for our regular salt delivery and maintenance plans so you never have to worry about your system’s performance.


85+ Years of Experience

With over 85 years of water treatment experience, you can count on us to provide the solutions and service you need anytime.


Unwavering Local Support

Our team of experts knows your local water and is there to offer support and services right in your neighborhood.


Flexible Installation Areas

Your system can be installed anywhere you have access to main water piping, a drain and an electrical outlet — in the laundry room, basement, garage, or outside.

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Water Softener Installation: What to Expect

Learn everything you need to know about getting started with your smart water softener.

Can this system effectively soften water and remove iron?​
Yes, the Aquasential Smart HE Softener-Cleer was designed to both soften water and address iron-related water issues, making it a great solution for those who have noticed rust stains around faucets or water-using appliances.
The Culligan Smart HE Softener-Cleer Plus is one of the best water softeners for well water with iron and hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide can leave black stains on your laundry and bathroom fixtures, create rotten-egg odors and can cause damage to your pipes, leading to costly repairs.
Yes. Hard water is one of the most common problems for well owners. The Aquasential Smart HE Softener-Cleer can provide all the benefits of water softening for those who get their water from a private well as well as those with municipal water.
Hard water is often noticeable without testing and will appear as staining on bathroom and kitchen surfaces, spotty dishes and dry skin and hair. Similarly, iron will most often present as rust stains. That said, you can ensure your system is always working effectively over time by signing up for a service plan with your local Culligan service team. They’ll visit your home on a regular basis to ensure your softener is performing properly, offering you even greater peace of mind between inspections.
What size or capacity system do I need?​What size or capacity system do I need?​
Water softeners come in various sizes, and making sure that you have the best water softener for well water (or municipal water) is important. Getting the right size will allow you to make sure that you can soften your water sufficiently without losing efficiency and wasting extra water and salt by regenerating too often. The best way to accurately size your water softener is to work directly with a Culligan water expert to test your water, assess your flow rate and determine how much water your household uses on a regular basis. Generally speaking, harder water, higher water consumption and a greater number of taps running simultaneously mean that you’ll need a larger water softener. You don’t want to overshoot, though. Regular regeneration is also still required for optimal performance. Plus, larger units tend to cost more, meaning that purchasing an oversized softener might result in spending more money upfront than is necessary.
We design products that are built to last. Our systems have been tested against rigorous standards and have industry-leading warranties. The lifespan of your system can be impacted by usage, maintenance and water conditions, but you can expect your softener to last for many years. Periodic cleaning and maintenance will keep your water conditioner operating at peak efficiency.
Yes, you can easily save your treated water by putting your well water softener in bypass for any uses that don’t benefit from soft water. With the Culligan Connect App, you can easily put the unit in bypass mode from anywhere, for an all new level of control and convenience.
Iron in water can have several unfavorable effects in your home. It can cause a metallic taste in drinking water and lead to yellowing teeth. It can also clog wells and pumps and leave stains on dishes, laundry and water fixtures. If you suspect you have high levels of iron in your water, schedule a free, in-home water consultation with your local Culligan water expert today to find the best water softener for well water with iron.

We have already seen a difference in our water

after our softener system was installed, which previously was extremely hard and high in iron.

— Michael J, VA

They work!

We have very hard water with lots of iron. Their water softener works a lot better than any we had personally tried. Also, when we had a problem, it was fixed the same day.

— Gerald & Margaret H, WI

We like not having to worry about iron deposits on tub, washers, etc.

and the use of soap is less. Much better for our septic system as well. Soft water is a luxury and we enjoy it.

Let’s Get Started

Start enjoying the benefits of soft water in your home with help from your local Culligan water experts.