What Is Hard Water & How Can You Prevent It?

    What is hard water? “Hard water” is a generic term for water with a great deal of mineral content in it, usually calcium and magnesium. Hard water comes from a variety of sources. Most people think it comes from well water; but, the minerals that can create hard water can leech into the […]

6 Benefits of Filtered Water

    A water filtration system, especially in Sonoma County, is a great addition to any home or business. There are a number of benefits of filtered water from a Culligan water system, and these include: Better Taste and Smell That “tap water” smell can be enough to not enjoy drinking the water or cause […]

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

The amount of cleaning that gets done around the house depends on each individual person’s time, energy, and lifestyle. In almost any case, though, cleaning is a chore that most Sonoma County homeowners would prefer to spend less time on. Yet certain parts of the house need regular attention, and areas like the kitchen and […]

Where Could a Sulfur Smell in Water Come From?

While some water quality issues are imperceptible, others can be anything but discreet. If you’ve ever noticed a sulfur smell in water, you’ve experienced this reality firsthand. The unpleasant odor, which resembles that of a rotten egg, is not something you’re likely to be able to ignore or get used to. Moreover, you shouldn’t have […]

How to Maintain Your Water Softener

Ensuring your water softener is operating to the best of its ability for as long as possible could be the key to saying goodbye to hard water issues in your home. If your glasses are spotty even after going through the dishwasher, your skin and hair are dull and dry, or your appliances are breaking […]

5 Reasons to Get a Home Water Test

Testing your water is crucial since not every water issue can be smelled or tasted. This is why testing your water is an important step in identifying any potential water issues you may face in your home, such as hard water problems or potential contaminants. Here are five reasons why you should test your water: […]

4 Water Quality Questions to Ask When Buying a New Home

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or moving into a new place in Sonoma County, the journey to buying a new home can be such an exciting one – but it’s easy to develop tunnel vision in the process. It’s common for new homeowners to fixate on a specific feature or benefit of their prospective home, […]

How to Cut Costs in the Bathroom

Did you know that a faucet that leaks one drop of water per second can add up to 5 gallons of wasted water per day? There are two main reasons why it’s a good idea to reduce water use in the bathroom. First, you can save money on your monthly water bills: the bathroom utilizes more water […]

What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

For many Sonoma County households, hard water is a common problem. For starters, hardness can cause unsightly effects like soap scum and limescale buildup. Additionally, hard water can damage pipes, plumbing, and water-using appliances. After showering with hard water, your skin may be irritated and your hair might seem flat. Water softeners can help treat your […]

Best Portable Water Deionizers

WHAT IS A WATER DEIONIZER?  Water deionizers remove ions which are electrically charged atoms or molecules from water. A deionizer can purify water by replacing minerals and contaminants with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions by using ion-exchange resins. Essentially, the water treatment removes impurities from water such as: Salt Sand and Silt Copper and Iron Arsenic […]