benefits of filtered drinking water


A water filtration system, especially in Sonoma County, is a great addition to any home or business. There are a number of benefits of filtered water from a Culligan water system, and these include:

Better Taste and Smell

That “tap water” smell can be enough to not enjoy drinking the water or cause issues when cooking or cleaning. Depending on what is in the water, it can throw off other things you’re using the water for.


Reduced Wear and Tear

Many of the things that are dissolved in tap water such as chlorine, sulfates and iron, will do damage to washing machines, dishwashers, and your clothes over time.


Removes Contaminants

By using water filtration you can remove dangers such as arsenic, lead, copper, and industrial byproducts. By removing these items, you can remove these risks from your drinking water.


Encourages Absorption of Key Nutrients

By removing contaminants from your water, your body can more easily absorb key nutrients and fluids. This will help with your general body health and functions.



A water filtration system is cheaper in the long run than buying bottled water, either in small bottles or in gallon-sized jugs. It’s also better for the environment, as you’re not throwing out all of those used plastic bottles at the same time.


Improves Personal Health

Filtered water helps to rehydrate you and is better for your skin than unfiltered water.


Free in-home water test from Culligan Water of Sonoma County

With our free water test, we can help you to determine which water filtration system is your best choice, and have it installed as soon as possible. Contact Culligan Water of Sonoma County today to take advantage of the benefits of filtered water.

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