Say goodbye to hard water spots, rust stains, and smelly water today!

What problems are in your water? At Culligan, filtering water is our specialty. After a FREE “in-home” water analysis, your Culligan Man™ can recommend the appropriate equipment to meet all your water treatment needs.

Listed below are some of the most common problems associated with household water. They can all be treated by top quality Culligan® Water System.

Bad Tasting/Smelly Water

Smelly, bad tasting water? Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) like sulfur, iron and other chemicals can lead to rotten-egg, fishy and chlorine odors in your water. Remove them with Culligan® whole house carbon filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems or water conditioners. Bad tasting, smelly water can have many causes, sometimes requiring more than one solution.

Hard Water Spots

Hard water spots from minerals in your water? Minerals in your water can build up on glassware, shower doors, fixtures, clothes or other items throughout your home. A Culligan® Water Softener sometimes called a Water Conditioner, will remove harmful minerals that can cloud or “etch your glassware”. It is the most common water problem in the United States.

High Iron Content

Rust stains from iron in your water? Excess iron in your water leaves red or brown rust stains on fixtures and clothing. If you see red precipitates in standing water, like toilets, or see red stains on fixtures and clothes, you have iron. Culligan can filter it out with the systems to prevent red stains. Iron or rust in water can be found in different forms: clear water iron, particle iron, etc.

Acid Stains

Leaky pipes from acidic water? Tap water containing acid will leave green-blue stains on fixtures and surfaces. Cleaning these blue stains is not easy. This blue-green stain is actually the copper in your pipes being eaten away by the acid. Left unchecked, it could cause a “pin-hole leak” in your pipes. A Reverse Osmosis System removes particulates smaller than a micron.