Customer Reviews

The installer, Greg came to my house and was very informed about water and water quality in our area. He helped me understand what my best options were, tested my water to show me how it worked and he tested it for free too! Thanks Culligan!

Amy L. in Santa Rosa

The water in my home is much silkier.
D.K. in Santa Rosa

We’re happy with the prompt service and helpfulness of the staff. The quality of the products are top notch.
A.O. in Petaluma

They provide great customer service and deliver the water on time.

I’ve tried a lot of different options, but I think this is the best system that I could have ever purchased. If I ever leave this house, I’ll have the same one installed by Culligan in my new place.

It tastes wonderful. We aren’t able to use it right now due to damage in our house, so we have been buying bottled water. The other day my son turned to me and said that the bottled stuff doesn’t taste as good as Culligan’s, and I agree. We are loyal Culligan Santa Rosa fans.

Ella K.


These guys are solid! We have a well and our water was not what I wanted to drink, so we called Culligan, whom we had at the other property we once owned. They hooked us up with everything we needed to make our water drinkable. Our clothes are washed in clear water with no residue, not to mention all the other great aspects of what our system does.

We recently had a problem with the water, so I called Culligan again to check the filters and in absolutely no time, their tech tells me its the well itself. I called the well company and sure enough, there was an issue. Within four days my well and drinking water are once again superb! I thank Culligan Santa Rosa, not only for their honesty, but their knowledge. We will always have Culligan. I have not once been sorry. Great system, great people! Thank you!

Carolyn P. in Santa Rosa

Clean, soft water. Service and equipment is impeccable.
Dee Dee Robbins, Cloverdale

Regular service and required maintenance are completed in a timely manner with quality workmanship.

C.C. in Windsor


For the past seven years, my family has enjoyed the unbeatable benefits of Culligan water purification. We are moving within Sonoma County and I contacted Barry Fisher to establish service at our new home. Barry was knowledgeable, accommodating and timely. He took the time to make certain that we will receive the same high-quality water at our new location. Thank you, Culligan Santa Rosa (and Barry!) for your professional service high-qualitylity product.

Peggy S. in Penngrove

Efficient and it works!
Don M.

We were redoing our bathrooms and I was concerned about keeping all the glass and tile clear of hard water residue, so when I saw the Culligan Santa Rosa booth at the fair it seemed like a good idea. That was over 10 years ago and it is one of the best investments I have made in our house. Not only has it helped with keeping the bathrooms clean but our water just feels so much better. Now when we are traveling and shower, it just doesn’t feel right. I don’t feel clean after I rinse off. And with the extra filtration at our kitchen sink, our water tastes better than even bottled water.

The service we get from the Santa Rosa Culligan is top notch. Whatever we need to keep our system running perfectly, they take care of. This is one investment I have never had second thoughts about. Worth every penny.

Diane R. in Rohnert Park

Great customer service! Quick response, courteous and friendly delivery.
C.H. in Sebastopol

I first met owner Barry Fisher and the Culligan staff in 2011 when I had my water tested in Windsor. Effective that very same day, I became a loyal customer of Culligan Water in Santa Rosa for approximately 5 years. During this period of time, I had Culligan’s water softening exchange tank service at my home in Windsor. The exchange tanks were great and my water was amazingly soft. My once stained and cloudy shower doors and fixtures look beautiful again.

I also purchased a reverse-osmosis water treatment system for my kitchen sink which worked wonderfully. I moved from my home in Windsor last year and discontinued my service with Culligan for that reason. I would return to them without hesitation should my needs for soft water at a future home ever arise again. I have also referred many friends to them and all of them decided to use Culligan for their water softening needs. Thanks to Barry and his crew for the great service!

Ed & Andrea Larochelle, Windsor

Great service through the whole process.
J.G. in Petaluma

Made our appointment fast, and Barry the owner of Culligan Santa Rosa gives us personal service.

Donna N. in Sebastopol


I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and knowledge by the team that installed the Culligan system in my house. They answered all my questions and installed the system within the scheduled time. I am a true believer now of how much hard metals were in the water within the City of Petaluma. Once the system was in place and ready to use, we could immediately tell the difference in water purity. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a water filtration or softener system to contact Culligan Santa Rosa’s James Fisher and his son, because they are truly experts and professionals. You are in great hands from start to finish!

David S. in Petaluma

Am well satisfied!
H.S. in Glen Ellen


I’m 65 years old, carrying a bunch of bottled water around is not an option for me. And drinking tap water is also not an option because I used to have gall and kidney stones and my doctor told me to start drinking bottled water made with reverse osmosis. Turns out the hard minerals in tap water were contributing to my kidney stones. I now have a Culligan drinking water system and get my water right from a special spout on my sink. It’s also hooked up to my ice maker and wow I can’t believe how clear the ice cubes look now. The Culligan man comes out to my house yearly to change my filters and sanitize my system at no charge.

Thank you Culligan Santa Rosa! I appreciate how you have helped me and will make sure I tell all my friends about how happy I am with your service!



I am allergic to something in the water, and their filter filters it out, so it is absolutely fabulous.

Dawnell B.

Local, friendly and no hassle!
R.V. in Rohnert Park

The technicians are professional, friendly and prompt. Culligan Santa Rosa has resolved an issue for me and is quick to service my system when needed.

Elaine Bowers

Dependable, courteous and friendly.
R.A. in Santa Rosa

Culligan Santa Rosa is honest. We like having the water softener system and the service is always reliable.

Emily M.

Great customer service and very knowledgeable technicians.
B.M. in Monte Rio

We used Culligan Santa Rosa services for as long as I can remember – perhaps 40 years! The only reason we stopped is we sold the family home. All good!

Greg White, Petaluma


It’s a lot better than our local water and I don’t have as many particles and bacteria in the water.

Denise B.

We have bad water in West County, so Culligan water is the way to go. It does the job.
James S.

With the Trendy Northern California crowd, it is important to be environmentally responsible. I guess we would fit into that category. We recycle much more than we ever throw away, and we were using Alhambra delivery, but even that requires a truck driving around to deliver those big refillable bottles.

We went the extra mile, and had Culligan water installed. There are so many reasons for this to be a consideration to all homeowners, even if you rent out that home! First, no water spots, I like that! My shower stall is so much easier to clean! More important than that, the buildup of minerals and other deposits in hard water which harms your pipes, and appliances is a thing of the past! We now have cleaner whites, cleaner dishes, and our hair is free of build up. The other bonus is, you use a fraction of the soap! We now have purified water to drink, and they even piped it to the ice -maker. The ultimate in Green Living!

The best thing by far, is when you sign up, you get free soap (tons of it!) and they have a financing plan. What are you waiting for? “Hey Culligan Man!!!”

Jan C.

Prompt, courteous service.
Kathy Anderson, Windsor

Excellent product and service. Very helpful and personable delivery personnel and office staff.

Jay Smith, Windsor

Loved the entire process: sales, installation, follow up. Many thanks!
M.M. in Petaluma

Barry and his team provided excellent customer service on changing from rental to purchasing our system. We like the system we have and that is why we purchased it.

R.B. in Sebastopol

They were all very friendly!
M.D. in Santa Rosa

We just moved into a new house and our initial service call with Barry was on time, comprehensive, informative, professional – and on the house! Many thanks for the very fine service.

Kathryn Kilburn

My water is soft!
H.K. in Santa Rosa

They are very reliable. I like that they show up when expected. They service my second home, and since I’m not always there, it’s very helpful to know I can rely on them.

Claire S.

Customer service is great!
Lisa Smith, Santa Rosa

Local and personable company, good products, and good service. Clean, tasty drinking water, soft water for skin and hair and no rust spots on clothes from the washing machine!

L.L. in Windsor

Local. friendly people.
T.H. in Petaluma

Service was prompt and thorough, even fixed a problem I was unaware of.

L.C. in Windsor

The equipment is durable and the service is responsive.
T.E. in Penngrove

Dependable service and willing to adjust the amount of our order monthly, based on our use. Great service for the last two years!

Michelle Caspary

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Water quality is awesome!
Micahel Laird, Cloverdale

I like the filtered clean water because it tastes good, and it reduces tremendously the use and disposal of plastic water bottles. The technicians are prompt, courteous, answer questions and complete the requested services in a timely fashion. Efren did a great job!! Thank you.

Mary A. in Santa Rosa

Response time and service has been excellent!
S.A. in Rohnert Park

We have it, we like it, and we would recommend it. It got the job done that we wanted, which was to get certain minerals out of the water.

Tom M.


Culligan Santa Rosa has served my family extremely well for the past 21 years! My daughter and I have eczema, but as soon as we installed the house water softener our eczema went away! Recently we turned off our unit due to a small leak and our skin problems returned, this just solidified the great benefits of our Culligan home water filtration and softener. Even our laundry has better results and I love that we can use less laundry soap. With both water softener and filtration systems, we have been told by our plumber it is extending the water heater’s capabilities because of the Culligan system. Plus, we have the best tasting water and I feel better not buying plastic water bottles and save us some $$.

Customer service is excellent and never had a problem. Highly recommend Mr. Fisher and staff. Thank you!

Marie P. in Penngrove

I’ve been using Culligan Santa Rosa for many years.
Duke Y.

Had a problem with the water cooler and the manager Melissa was on top of it, called the carpet company and fixed the issue inside of my daughter’s dorm room. Culligan Santa Rosa is a good company to work with. Melissa and Kelly are outstanding people and I highly recommend them.

Zachary B. in Tehachapi


I love my new water softener. My son has eczema and we have tried creams and lotions all of which were very expensive. I was told by a friend that a water softener may help. While it has not gone away completely, the difference is night and day. It’s so much better now that we don’t have to use those expensive creams anymore. Thank you Culligan Santa Rosa!



Dependable and allows us to adjust order monthly as needed (we are seasonal so that helps a lot).

M.C. in Cloverdale

I prefer Culligan Santa Rosa over other water companies.
Diane S.

Very pleased with Tomas who delivers our salt. Always pleasant and visits when time permits. Filter change, too, annually by Efrain.

Nettie Dudley, Santa Rosa


I have well water where I live. The city told me that I had unsafe levels of bacteria in my water and needed to have it treated. And to make matters worse I also had a bunch of red stains in my showers and toilet which turned out to be some type of rusty bacteria. I had one of Culligan’s problem water experts come out to my home and now the problem is fixed and it’s been 6 years now without a single issue.

I’m not sure how all the equipment works and it looks pretty complicated, but I can tell you that my water has now been deemed safe for drinking and my clothes and shower are no longer pink and red. Needless to say, my wife is much happier. I’m a satisfied customer.



It doesn’t taste like city water, which is nice. I like the fact that it is more pure than city water.

Nancy S.

We had rusty water before using Culligan Santa Rosa and now it’s gone!
Alfred K.

I have trusted Culligan Santa Rosa for over 40 years with servicing my water softners, etc., and plan to continue.

Pat Del Prete, Petaluma


Barry Fisher spent two hours with us testing our well water at multiple entry points from the well through the house and into the garage area and discussing options for our well water. He also discussed buildup in pipes and how that would impact our results so we could make informed decisions. We have lived in our home for 28 years, and we have used a water softening system as well as calcite filtering and aeration. The water was never up to a solid standard. We used bottled water for drinking, and I gave up wearing white or having white towels or bed linens years ago. Worst of all, our sinks, tubs, etc. were a nightmare to keep looking decent let alone sparkling. And, that rotten egg smell was just bad.

Well, all that has changed since the installation of our Culligan Sulfur Cleer system which has taken away the horrible rotten egg odor as well as the iron staining and just general residue from poor water. I thought I would have to get rid of my Kohler cast iron tub, but underneath the hazy buildup, there is now a sparkling surface which I could never reveal no matter how much pumice or elbow grease I used. Barry returned today for the promised follow up, and again, he spent more time than we thought he would. He is all about customer satisfaction.

Cesca L. in Sebastopol

Purer than tap water.
Bobby K.

I like how Culligan Santa Rosa monitors the machinery and tells me when service is needed.

P.T. in Santa Rosa


I could not be happier. We installed the two systems in our home: The water filtration and the drinking water purification. After a while, I can say that the results on my skin and hair are amazing! Barry Fisher not only advised us with great patience but also gave us excellent service, for the best price. I was quoted several options and I definitely chose the best system. Thanks, Culligan man!

Raquel F. in Santa Rosa

Service has always been on time and completed.
C.C. in Santa Rosa

The service tech who came to repair my water system was polite, educated me and made me feel comfortable to ask questions. Good job!

S.N. in Windsor


Excellent customer service, technicians are experienced and they always follow through. Good group of people to do business with.

Terry Lindley, Geyserville


The water is great. My well has sulfur and iron, and this takes care of it. And the reverse osmosis makes the best drinking water ever.

Tim Z. in Sebastopol

They are always on time, and the water tastes great.
Romelli B.

Where I live the water is very hard. My hot water pipes were plugging up all the time and my plumber told me I needed a water conditioner. I called around and after talking with a few companies I decided to go with Culligan Santa Rosa. I just got a better feeling from them and I like that they have been around for so long. Warranties are great but what good are they if the company has only been in business for like 5 years? That’s why I went with Culligan.



I had a problem with my original Culligan Water Softener System with water shooting out of it. I called them and they came out right away and informed me that I needed to upgrade my equipment. We scheduled an appointment and they came back right on schedule and upgraded the system. Their tech Greg was great. Good guy. I peppered him with questions and he was very patient and attentive in explaining to me how to change the filters etc.

I highly recommend Culligan Santa Rosa. Kelly in the office and Barry were both awesome to deal with. By the way, I rarely give 5 stars.

John G. in San Rafael

The owner of the company is very personal and helpful their whole staff is very helpful highly recommend if you need a new water softener unit explain everything step-by-step they go out of their way for the customer.
G. Brenner

Showed up on time, very friendly and couldn’t be happier with Barry and his front office staff. Great pricing as well which is always a plus!

Ryan Nelson


Customer service is great over the phone and in person. Our delivery guy, Joe, is always friendly and thoughtful. We’ve used Culligan for over a year now. We switched from Alhambra and are very happy we made the change. Alhambra didn’t have the personal or friendly touch that we get here. Culligan is very easy going with our ever-changing consumption rates. If you need a water delivery service in Santa Rosa, I’d recommend Culligan over all the others based on my research and experience.

Lo M.

Great service and very accommodating. Our Culligan system works great!
Joan A.

They were very thoughtful and courteous answered all my questions

Michael Ball

Locally Owned & Operated by the Fisher Family Since 1945!