Water deionizers remove ions which are electrically charged atoms or molecules from water. A deionizer can purify water by replacing minerals and contaminants with hydrogen and hydroxyl ions by using ion-exchange resins. Essentially, the water treatment removes impurities from water such as:

Sometimes, a water deionizer is used in addition to or in place of a reverse osmosis system. When used in conjunction, the two systems can produce reliable, high-quality water. To learn more about the best options for your local home or business water purification needs, contact our Culligan experts at (707) 545-1330.


The best portable water deionizer depends on the needs of you and your business. Many industries require portable water deionizers for purified water, including:

Deionization can produce three purified water grades, demineralized water, high-purity water, and lab grade or medical grade water. 

Manufacturing facilities, medical industries, pharmacological labs, and other commercial industries require deionized water to maintain product safety and integrity. The water they use must be free of impurities such as mineral salts, contaminants, chemicals, and harmful toxins.

For household use, we recommend distillation for water purification. It is a safer, easier, and more affordable process to create safe drinking water. Water distillation can remove more impurities than just ions; it removes minerals, chemicals, and most bacteria, while for truly clean water, pre-treatment filtering is usually needed for deionization.  

Whether you want to get your water from the tap or need high-quality purified water for your Sonoma County business, talk to Culligan about what water filtration system is right for you.