Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

Cleaner Water From Every Faucet

Address common well and municipal water problems — like iron, sediment, sulfur, chlorine and more — with targeted filtration that delivers better water wherever you need it.

Why Choose Culligan Whole House Water Filters

From tackling rotten egg smells to reducing rust stains, Culligan Water® systems provide a water upgrade throughout your home — with innovative features for added peace of mind.

Advanced Filtration

Culligan Cullneu, CULLAR® and Filtr-Cleer® filters provide targeted filtration.


Smart Features

Use the Culligan Connect App for remote monitoring, service alerts and more.


Well Water Solutions

Our systems are proven to tackle the issues that concern well water users most.

Whole House Water Filtration

Upgrade your water and tackle nitrate issues with the help of smart tech.
Prevent rust stains and improve water quality with an affordable solution.
Reduce rotten-egg smells by targeting hydrogen sulfide in your water.
Target excess iron and hydrogen sulfide with maximum water filtering capacity.
Get targeted filtration with the added convenience of smart features.
Addresses rotten-egg odors caused by hydrogen sulfide in water. As low as $43.95 Per Month
Upgrade your water by reducing sulfur and iron while unlocking smart features.
Chemical-free filtration reduces the negative impacts caused by iron.
Tackle iron and hydrogen sulfide while tapping into advanced smart features.
Address sediment, acidity or chlorine with an affordable system.
Popular for well water, with proprietary filtration customizable to your needs.
Get cutting-edge filtration paired with Wi-Fi connectivity and sustainability.

Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Performed exactly as promised.

Glad we chose Culligan; they are the company that knows what it takes to treat well water.
— Scott H, MN

Your products provide me with clean healthy water

and considering my well has smelly sulfur water, that’s no small task.
— Andreas T, NY

Never seen my water this awesome.

My well water was terrible and lots of rust stains everywhere, I did tons of research and called on Culligan. Thank the lord I did.
— Anthony M, IL

Whole House Water Filtration Benefits​

With a whole house water filtration system, it’s not just your drinking water that gets better — it’s bathing, cleaning and cooking, too.

Cleaner and Clearer

Reduce clay, silt and other sediment that creates cloudy, dirty water.


Better Taste

Prevent foul tastes and odors in water caused by contaminants like iron and chlorine.


Protects Your Home

Neutralize acidic water to prevent corrosion and reduce iron to get rid of rust stains.


Flexible Solutions

Indoor and outdoor models are available to treat well water or municipal water.

Never Question Your Water Quality

Start enjoying the benefits of cleaner, soft water in your home with help from your local Culligan Water expert.

Whole House Filtration FAQs

What is a whole home water filtration system?​

A whole house water filtration system is installed where your main water line enters your home, addressing problem water issues throughout your home. These systems are designed to reduce contaminants like chlorine, iron, arsenic and sulfur, providing cleaner water for drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

The price can vary based on which water filtration system you choose, what features it includes, and the level of quality. Advanced options such as smart technology can play a role as well. As with many Culligan Water systems, you can explore flexible payment plans and options — including purchasing, renting and financing.

Water quality can vary greatly depending on where you live and where your water comes from. That’s why the best whole house water filtration system for your home might not be a great fit for someone else. When you schedule a free, in-home water consultation, your local Culligan Water expert can recommend the best whole house water filtration system for your home.

The best whole house filtration system for your home will depend on the specific contaminants in your well water.* That’s why we recommend scheduling a free water consultation with your Culligan Water expert, who is familiar with local water concerns and can determine what else may be in your specific water supply. From there, they can recommend the best system for your home.