Aquasential® Smart High Efficiency Sulfur-Cleer® Water Filter

Give your home a high-impact upgrade with a sulfur water filter for well water that not only can tackle rotten-egg smells but also handles iron problems. Plus, stay connected to your system from anywhere with smart features that add convenience.

Ready for a whole home water upgrade? Your local Culligan® water experts can help determine the right solution for your well or municipal water. Schedule your free, in-home water test or phone consultation to get started.

Elevate Your Home’s Water

Dual Filtration Plus Wi-Fi Connectivity


Seamless Monitoring

Keep on eye on your system’s performance, your home’s water usage and more — right from your phone.


All-in-One Access

Check performance of your sulfur water filter and any other Culligan systems you may have, all within the Culligan Connect App.


Effortless Service

Spend more time enjoying your home and less time worrying about your system with maintenance alerts sent right to your Culligan service team.


Earth-Friendly Features

Do your part in protecting the planet by setting water usage and conservation goals and tracking your progress right within the app.

Innovative Features, Undeniable Convenience

Maximum Performance

Tackle two water problems with one system, and get the stability and long-lasting performance that Culligan solutions are known for.

Next-Level Filtration

Feel at ease knowing that the water filter for your home uses an advanced aeration process to target contaminants in your water.¹

Hands-Off Monitoring

Allow the exclusive Culligan Soft-Minder® meter to oversee your daily water use and provide advanced diagnostics, so you don’t have to.

Convenient Control

Bypass the filter from the system or via the Culligan Connect App for situations when you don’t need filtered water.

Sulfur Water Filter Options

Whether you want dependability or convenience, this smart system brings it all together to provide your home with the upgraded water it deserves. Optional add-ons include:

External Leak Sensor

Receive alerts about leaks from nearby water-using appliances for greater peace of mind with this optional add-on.

Extra Protection

Get more durability with the four-layer Quadra-Hull® Tank, which resists rust and corrosion and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your Culligan product for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, Culligan will remove the product and refund the purchase price.


Third-Party Certified

The Culligan Aquasential Smart High Efficiency Sulfur-Cleer® Filters with Quadra Hull or Fiberglass tanks have been tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 372, CSA B483.1, and NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the effective reduction of iron up to 1,000 gallons and NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the effective reduction of hydrogen sulfide as verified and substantiated by test data.​ Learn more about product certifications here.

Ready To Take the Next Step?

Schedule a free, in-home consultation and water test to get one step closer to the soft water your family deserves. With options to buy, finance or rent, your local Culligan water expert will make recommendations based on your home, water usage, test results and any other concerns.

Our Environmental Impact


40 Billion+ Bottles Saved

Culligan water filtration solutions benefit the environment by reducing single-use plastic bottle waste and saving billions of bottles each year.


Earth-Conscious Innovation

We prioritize sustainability in designing and developing new products.


Global Water Leadership

Culligan has joined the CEO Water Mandate and the Water Resilience Coalition to lead the way in positive, global water stewardship.


Culligan products are reliable and long-lasting, with industry-leading warranties.

  • The Quadra-Hull conditioner tank, if equipped​: Lifetime
  • The Aquasential Smart High Efficiency GBX circuit board, control valve body, excluding internal parts and the Fiberglass Conditioner Tank, if so equipped: 10 years
  • Soft-Minder meter​: Five years
  • The entire conditioner: One year

To access customer support, call your local Culligan water expert or​ fill out this Maintenance & Support form​.



A – Total Height


B – Tank Width




Service Flow @ Pressure Drop¹

5 gpm @ 4 psi

Operating Pressure

20-60 psi/138-414 kPa

Electrical Requirements (Control Valve)

24VDC, 1W/60 Hz

Max. Clear Water Iron FIltration

10 ppm

Max. Hydrogen Sulfide Filtration

8 ppm

Our unmatched, white-glove service doesn’t stop at your free water test and consultation. Your local Culligan water experts will be there to help for the entire life of your water softener with installation and maintenance, assisting with needs such as salt refills, system sanitation and more. They can even monitor your system proactively for issues, offering you further peace of mind.


Convenient Service Plans

Sign up for our regular salt delivery and maintenance plans so you never have to worry about your system’s performance.


85+ Years of Experience

With over 85 years of water treatment experience, you can count on us to provide the solutions and service you need anytime.


Unwavering Local Support

Our team of experts knows your local water and is there to offer support and services right in your neighborhood.


Flexible Installation Areas

Your system can be installed anywhere you have access to main water piping, a drain and an electrical outlet — in the laundry room, basement, garage, or outside.

How does sulfur get into my water supply?​​

Hydrogen sulfide is naturally occurring in groundwater and therefore is common in well water.​ Usually, hydrogen sulfide emerges because of a combination in your water of both sulfate, which is a naturally occurring element found throughout the environment, and the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria. These microorganisms produce hydrogen sulfide as a byproduct when the bacterium feeds off of the sulfate, reducing the sulfate to sulfide — which is why you may notice that your well water smells like rotten eggs.

The Aquasential Smart High Efficiency (HE) Sulfur-Cleer Water Filter was designed to be a water filter for sulfur smells and metallic tastes caused by hydrogen sulfide and iron in water. These two contaminants are common in well water, making this an ideal solution for those who get their supply from a private well.

Yes, the Sulfur-Cleer Water Filter can help with well water that smells like rotten eggs, which is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide. That said, it can also address metallic tastes if you’re facing iron in your water as well.


A properly sized system should not significantly impact your water flow or pressure.

What are some signs of high hydrogen sulfide levels in my water?​​

The most common sign of higher levels of hydrogen sulfide in water is a rotten-egg smell — but there can be less common signs as well. These may include black stains on laundry and bathroom fixtures and damage to pipes.

The Sulfur-Cleer system utilizes a process of aeration combined with carbon filtration. The aeration process first oxidizes hydrogen sulfide and iron in the water, converting them into sulfate and/or filterable particles. The activated carbon media then completes the oxidation and filtration processes.

The Aquasential Smart HE Sulfur-Cleer can help address hydrogen sulfide and iron issues within your water supply. Our other whole home solutions can address issues like chlorine, sediment, low pH and arsenic problems. Looking to more specifically tackle hard water? Culligan offers state-of-the-art water softeners that can help enhance skin and hair, brighten laundry, reduce buildup on faucets and much more.
It is recommended to schedule a free, in-home water test to get to the bottom of your water problems and get personalized recommendations for the best solutions.

Schedule a free, in-home water consultation with your local Culligan water expert. They are familiar with local water concerns and can determine what else may be in your specific water supply. From there, your Culligan water expert can recommend the best system for your home. Once installed, they’ll typically test the water before leaving to ensure your system functions correctly.

The rotten egg smell from the water is gone!

It’s nice to take a shower where I come out feeling clean and smelling nice.

— Suzan S, MD

We have a water softener, Sulfur-Cleer,

and RO system from you, and our water has gone from smelling like rotten eggs to drinkable and delicious!

— Shad D, OH

There was no more sulfur smell and the water tasted much better.

I’m glad I got a Culligan water system. It was well worth the money.

— Allen Z, NY

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