Aquasential® Select Plus Series® Iron-Cleer® Water Filter

Get better water at every tap. This iron filtration system for well water and city water helps eliminate staining, improve taste and protect appliances while also eliminating odors from hydrogen sulfide.1

Ready for a whole home water upgrade? Your local Culligan® water experts can help determine the right solution for your municipal or well water. Schedule your free, in-home water test or phone consultation to get started.

One Solution, Countless Benefits

Targeted Filtration

The Iron-Cleer system addresses iron and hydrogen sulfide with maximum water filtering capacity.

Chemical-Free Treatment

This iron filtration system treats water with natural aeration, not chemicals.

Unique Media Filter

The filtration media enhances the reaction between the oxygen, iron and hydrogen sulfide for efficient filtration.

Long-Lasting Design

The sturdy media tank’s filament-wound exterior and non-permeable inner shell make this iron filter system extra durable.

Intuitive Iron Filtration System Features

Beyond targeting metallic tastes, rotten-egg smells, and sink and tub stains, the Iron-Cleer also offers these value-add benefits.

Reduced Waste

A bypass valve allows you to avoid waste in areas that don’t need filtered water, such as the front lawn.

Performance Boost

Have extra guests at home? Get an extra supply of worry-free water with the push of a button.

Customizable Performance

On/off times are adjustable to your specific water characteristics.

Resource Savings

A simple automatic reconditioning process saves you money on chemicals and water.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with your Culligan product for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, Culligan will remove the product and refund the purchase price.


Third-Party Certified

The Culligan Aquasential Select Plus 10ʺ and 12ʺ Iron-Cleer Filters have been tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 372, CSA B483.1, and NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the effective reduction of iron for 10″ up to 1,100 gallons and 12″ up to 1,600 gallons as verified and substantiated by test data. Learn more about product certifications here.

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Our Environmental Impact


40 Billion+ Bottles Saved

Culligan water filtration solutions benefit the environment by reducing single-use plastic bottle waste and saving billions of bottles each year.


Earth-Conscious Innovation

We prioritize sustainability in designing and developing new products.


Global Water Leadership

Culligan has joined the CEO Water Mandate and the Water Resilience Coalition to lead the way in positive, global water stewardship.


Culligan products are reliable and long-lasting, with industry-leading warranties.

  • Control valve body, excluding internal parts and filter tank: Ten-year warranty
  • AccuSoft® circuit board: Five-year warranty
  • Entire system: One-year warranty

To access customer support, call your local Culligan water expert or​ fill out this Maintenance & Support form​.

Product Specifications



Media Tank Size

2 ea. 10” x 54”

2 ea. 12” x 52”

Overall Height



Water Pressure Limits

20 – 60 psi

20 – 60 psi

Temperature Limits

33° – 120° F (1° – 48° C)

33° – 120° F (1° – 48° C)

Electrical Requirements (control valve)

24VAC/60Hz, 3W/10W (min/max)

24VAC/60Hz, 3W/10W (min/max)

Electrical Requirements (compressor)

120VAC/60Hz, 175W/245W (continuous/max)

120VAC/60Hz, 175W/245W (continuous/max)

Product Details



Maximum Rated Service Flow @ Pressure Drop²

6 gpm @ 9 psi

9 gpm @ 14 psi

Operating Pressure

20-60 psi

20-60 psi

Maximum Clear Water (Soluble) Iron

10 ppm

10 ppm

Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide

5 ppm

5 ppm

Our unmatched, white-glove service doesn’t stop at your free water test and consultation. Your local Culligan water experts will be there to help for the entire life of your water softener with installation and maintenance, assisting with needs such as salt refills, system sanitation and more. They can even monitor your system proactively for issues, offering you further peace of mind.


Convenient Service Plans

Sign up for our regular salt delivery and maintenance plans so you never have to worry about your system’s performance.


85+ Years of Experience

With over 85 years of water treatment experience, you can count on us to provide the solutions and service you need anytime.


Unwavering Local Support

Our team of experts knows your local water and is there to offer support and services right in your neighborhood.


Flexible Installation Areas

Your system can be installed anywhere you have access to main water piping, a drain and an electrical outlet — in the laundry room, basement, garage, or outside.

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Water Softener Installation: What to Expect

Learn everything you need to know about getting started with your smart water softener.

Can you filter iron out of well water?

Yes, it’s possible to filter iron out of your tap water with the right filtration system. For example, Iron-Cleer is specifically designed to target this issue, which is particularly common in wells. However, Iron-Cleer isn’t just an iron filtration system for well water; it can also be used in homes with a municipal water source.

The best iron filter system for your water depends on a variety of factors, including:

What contaminants may be present in your water
What water quality issues you’ve noticed
Whether you’re looking for more advanced features, like controlling your system from an app
To determine which system is right for you, begin with a free, in-home water test and consultation. Your local water expert will determine what’s present in your water, including hardness and pH levels, then recommend the best type and size of filter.

Iron-Cleer doesn’t just address iron — it can also target hydrogen sulfide, which is often responsible for a rotten-egg smell when you turn on the tap.


If you have water quality concerns or contaminant issues beyond iron and hydrogen sulfide, there are plenty of other options available. Culligan whole home and reverse osmosis drinking water filtration systems come in different models designed to address various contaminant types, and a free water test and consultation can tell you which is best for your home’s needs.

Iron is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in rocks, soil and more — and it’s all over North America. This means that water moving through the environment has plenty of chances to absorb iron before reaching your home, especially if you have a well. Note that iron can also be present in city water, often because the pipes may be corroding or leaching contaminants.

Do I need an iron filtration system and a water softener?

Filtration and water softening are two different processes. You may need both, particularly if you use well water, as iron and hard water issues often go hand-in-hand. Filtration addresses a wide variety of potential contaminants that may cause unpleasant odors, colors, tastes and, sometimes, health concerns.3 Filtration processes differ, but they often involve filtration media or a semipermeable membrane that traps or otherwise addresses contaminants.


Softening, on the other hand, addresses the issues responsible for water hardness — an excess of calcium and magnesium in your water. Although some softeners may also filter certain contaminants, such as chlorine, you likely still need a separate filtration solution for more comprehensive treatment.

Iron in water generally isn’t a health concern, but it can cause other issues that may be frustrating and — over time — expensive. For example, iron may leave rust-like stains on your clean laundry, dishes and fixtures. It can also clog your pipes and water-using appliances, reducing efficiency and lifespan. On top of that, iron sometimes gives your water an unpleasant metallic taste.

Iron-Cleer doesn’t use chemicals in the filtration process. Instead, it relies on oxygen and its interactions with iron and hydrogen sulfide to create better, cleaner water at every tap. Better yet, this means you can help the environment by using your home’s water instead of single-use plastic bottles.

Instead of harsh chemicals, the Iron-Cleer iron filtration system for well water and city water uses aeration — a process responsible for oxidizing dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide. An air compressor provides the oxygen, and a unique media filter acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the natural reactions.

The system is separated into two tanks. First, water flows through the aeration tank, where dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide become particulates. These particulates move to the second tank, called the catalytic multi-media tank, and are filtered out of your water supply.

The product … makes the water soft and soothing.

The equipment is running on its own and seems like a durable, smart, self-activating machine.

— Edmund C, ON

The customer service is great, as is the salt delivery service!

We’ve just now upgraded to the updated water softener, which is exciting as it uses way less salt and is higher efficiency!

— Craig and Valerie M, IA

Culligan is reliable, competitively priced & ensures my water is clean & healthy.

I also have the water softener serviced and salt delivered which is … one less thing for me to do!

— Pamela B, MN

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