Reverse Osmosis Systems

Upgrade to Cutting-Edge Filtration

Target a broad range of potential contaminants and enjoy a virtually unlimited supply of worry-free drinking water with Culligan Water® reverse osmosis (RO) systems.*


Why Choose Culligan Reverse Osmosis Systems

With easy installation, space-saving designs and smart features available, Culligan reverse osmosis systems provide the ultimate drinking water upgrade.


Reduce More Than 70 Contaminants

Culligan RO systems are certified to reduce 12x more contaminants than the leading standard filter pitcher.**


40 Billion+ Bottles Saved

Culligan Water filtration solutions make an eco-friendly impact by reducing plastic bottle waste.


Smart Features Available

Get filter change alerts, track contaminants reduced and view plastic bottles saved through our app.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Experience high-quality hydration with four-part filtration right on tap. As low as $15 Per Month
Offers on-demand, high-quality filtration with advanced technology and a space-saving design.
Delivers cleaner, safer water for just pennies a glass using advanced filtration specific to your home’s needs.
Get an unlimited supply of cleaner, safer water, plus smart features like tracking your cost savings and reduced contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis Reviews

Our drinking water is so much better.

And we are happy to have the water on hand instead of having to buy bottled water.

— Catherine G, OH

Culligan is a trusted name.

… We purchased their drinking water system and it has made such a huge difference in the taste of our water.

— Donna and Les C, AB

Most effective and problem free.

… The annual maintenance is reasonably priced. The maintenance staff has always been polite and performed efficiently.

— Fred H, FL

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Benefits

Get a virtually unlimited supply of cleaner, safer, great-tasting drinking water for pennies a glass.


Customizable Filtration

Culligan RO systems have up to seven stages of filtration and 12 interchangeable filters.


Long Filter Life

With filters that can last up to two years, maintenance is simple and worry-free.


Third-Party Certified

Culligan systems are tested and certified by third-party organizations to ensure they meet the highest of industry standards.


Filtered Water on Tap

Get filtered water directly from your existing faucet with the ClearLink PRO™ accessory.

Never Question Your Water Quality

Start enjoying the benefits of cleaner, soft water in your home with help from your local Culligan Water expert.

Reverse Osmosis FAQs

What is reverse osmosis water filtration?​

In reverse osmosis water filtration, water flows across a tightly woven membrane that separates the water from contaminants as small as a single atom. Typically, the reverse osmosis process is combined with multiple other stages of filtration including a sediment filter, carbon filtration, and additional speciality filtration stages.

The lifespan of your filter depends on a number of factors including how much water you use, your local water quality and the specific RO system you choose. Regularly replacing your filters will help ensure your system is running at full capacity. Some filters should be changed annually, but others can last up to two years. The reverse osmosis membrane should be checked annually and typically lasts three to five years.

Reverse osmosis filters contaminants from water by forcing them through a semipermeable membrane. Some of these contaminants include lead, mercury and chromium, among many others.

It’s common for city water to be treated with small concentrations of chlorine, which is not typically a hazard to your health. However, if you prefer to minimize the chlorine in your water, which can cause unpleasant tastes and odors, a reverse osmosis system could help.

You can get a virtually unlimited supply of cleaner, safer, better-tasting water right from the tap. With multiple stages of filtration, these systems are one of the most comprehensive ways to treat your water for a wide variety of potential problems.