Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners

Culligan water softeners are the ideal solution for combating hard water used in manufacturing processes, laundering and more. A Culligan water softening system will provide you with the high quality water you need to take care of business.



Commercial Dealkalizer

In a process similar to water softening, Culligan dealkalizers reduce the amount of unwanted ions in the water supply. Anion exchange resin is used to attract negatively charged ions, such as: carbonate, bicarbonate, nitrate and sulfate. The resin exchanges these unwanted ions with chloride. Sodium hydroxide can be used supplementally as a regenerate, and will help to reduce carbon dioxide.


Portable Exchange & Automatic Deionizers

Commercial Portable Exchange Deionizers

Deionization uses ion exchange to remove undesired minerals from the water supply. Culligan offers a variety of deionization systems to meet your water purity needs, including: weak-base, strong-base, and mixed bed systems. We can help you determine which system will deliver the right quality of water for your business. Culligan also offers specially engineered industrial and commercial deionization systems.


Reverse Osmosis Systems

Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

A Culligan reverse osmosis system (RO system) can clean up your water! With reverse osmosis, high-pressure forces water backwards through a semipermeable membrane eliminating up to 95% of dissolved solids, such as minerals, particles, and organics. After the reverse osmosis process you are left with pure water that can be used for everything from brewing tea to printing newspapers.


Water Filtration Systems

Commercial Water Filtration System

Culligan offers a variety of water filters to improve water quality, such as: Cullsorb® Iron Removal, Multi-Media Filters, and granular-activated carbon filters (GAC filters). Culligan can also custom engineer water filtration systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses.


Skid Mounted Systems

Skid Mounted Water Filtration System

Ultrapure skid-mounted systems eliminate the expense of servicing deionized (DI) water bottles. Skid-mounted systems are also exempt from on-site hazardous waste regulations. A small pre-wired, pre-piped, skid mounted ultrapure water (UPW) system is ideal for manufacturing applications.


Point-Of-Use Filtration System

Point of Use Filtration System

Culligan’s state of the art point-of-use water treatment system (POU filtration) is a cost-effective options for any office. Our modern cabinet design will enhance your existing décor. A POU water filtration system connects directly into your water supply, giving you a constant supply of delicious, crystal clear drinking water at the touch of a button.