Through a process much like water softening, dealkalizers reduce anions like chloride, sulfate and nitrate in your local water supply.

Prevent water problems with Dealkalizers from Culligan Water of Sonoma County


Alkaline in water contributes to corrosive boiler water, high chemical usage, and high water usage. Alkalinity often limits the efficiency of boiler operations. Culligan Water offers custom-designed dealkalizers that filter alkaline in water, resulting in improved boiler plant operations and lower steam generation costs.

What is alkaline, and why should you care?

Most alkalinity is caused by a high concentration of carbon-based minerals that enter into water as it passes through soil and rocks. Other than being corrosive, these undesired minerals make water taste bitter and/or salty. From car washes to boiler water, a dealkalizer could be the solution for your business.

Product Applications include: