Culligan Water offers a wide range of products to meet the stringent commercial water treatment requirements of a variety of industries. We understand the unique water treatment needs of commercial businesses, and offer water filtration systems specifically engineered for commercial use.

This buying guide explores the current commercial water treatment systems available through Culligan Water of Sonoma County for commercial water filtration and purification.

Commercial Dealkalizers

Some local water tables contain high concentrations of carbon based minerals that enter the water as it passes through the environment. Dealkalizers remove corrosive bicarbonate, carbonate, sulfate and nitrate anions. If dealkalization is paired with sodium hydroxide, carbon dioxide can also be removed. Commercial dealkalizers are often utilized for steam generation, boiler operations and high quality water for culinary use.

Commercial Deionizers

Businesses often require very high-purity water for a variety of commercial applications. Portable exchange and automatic deionizers from Culligan offer an affordable solution to meeting stringent high-purity water requirements. Culligan offers strong-base, weak-base, mixed resin bed and custom engineered deionization systems. Flow rates from 4 gallons per minute up to 125 gallons per minute are achievable with Culligan Water’s Pro Series Deionization Systems.

Commercial Water Filtration

Culligan’s commercial water filtration systems can be customized based on your particular business needs. Water filtration is often used as part of an overall water treatment system to reduce turbidity from water, filter metal particulates, neutralize acidity and absorb odors. Many Culligan commercial water filters utilize advanced electronic logic programs that allow for automatic cycling, service, and backwash, improving water quality for your business without the need for manual monitoring. Commercial water filtration is used for both feedwater pretreatment and process water reclamation.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Need to eliminate dissolved minerals, solids and organics from your water? Eliminate up to 95% of dissolved particles with a Culligan Water of Sonoma County’s reverse osmosis commercial water treatment system. Reverse Osmosis is the most effective barrier against micro-contaminants, salts and organics in water. Using high-purity water produced by a commercial reverse osmosis system can lead to a reduction in overall water and energy consumption, reduced wastewater treatment expenses, higher quality rinses, and higher quality drinking water.

Commercial Water Softeners

The Culligan family of commercial water softeners eliminates harsh calcium, iron, magnesium and manganese ions from the water supplied to your business. Water softeners are ideal for eliminating soap scum and lime scale build-up in piping, boilers and restaurant equipment. Pretreatment of source water with a Culligan commercial water softener will help to improve equipment efficiency and extend service life.