Ascent 100 Bottleless Water Cooler for Offices

A Convenient, Sustainable Solution for Your Office

It’s easy to provide your employees with an endless supply of fresh, filtered water with the Ascent™ 100 Bottleless Water Cooler for offices. This touchless water dispenser is a simple solution that avoids the hassle of heavy water jugs. Your employees can also feel good knowing they are helping the environment by saving over 10,000 single-use bottles each year. Contact your local dealer to take advantage of the free limited trial.
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Specifications Of The Ascent™ 100 Bottleless Water Cooler

The Ascent 100 Bottleless Water Cooler is Designed to Ensure:

  • Touchless Activation; The touchless dispensing system allows easy access to hot or cold water while promoting a safer working environment.
  • Five-Stage Filtration: With sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, mineral enhancement and a final polishing filter, feel confident about your water quality.
  • ECO Mode: Monitor usage patterns so the cooler can go into power-saving mode when not in use to save electricity.
  • Digital Display: View plastic bottles saved, temperatures for hot and cold water and your local Culligan Water expert’s phone number on the cooler’s digital screen.

Benefits include:



With the balanced pH and Mineral Cartridge*, enhance your water with added electrolytes and minerals that increase alkalinity.



Culligan Water is the number one provider of eco-friendly water filtration solutions that help reduce plastic waste and our carbon footprint.



Keep employees from lifting heavy bottles — and stopping work to make a bottle change — every time water runs out.

The Culligan High Efficiency Iron-Cleer® Whole House Water Filter Brings You:


A wide variety of cups, mugs and bottles can fit in the spacious 12.25” high dispensing area.


With dispense rates at 4 liters of cold water per minute and 2 liters of hot water per minute, your employees won’t lose valuable work time to stay hydrated.


Whenever you need product installation or maintenance, your local Culligan Water expert is there to provide support at a fixed monthly cost.