Disinfection/UV Lights- Protect your family from Microorganisms!

Irrespective of how clean your drinking water may appear to be visibly, the reality is that there are microorganisms that can pose a lot of threat to your general health. If you thought bottled water is safe and you can rest assured then you need to find out some bottled water facts to know that in most cases, it is not even as safe as tap water.

Anyway, the objective here is to find out about ultra violet light systems that are used to treat water primarily to disinfect. Culligan UV systems are a water purifier device that uses ultra violet light systems to disinfect the water and rid it of all the tiny bacteria and harmful germs that manage to thrive in water at natural temperature. Disinfection has a plethora of methods but all happen to employ various chemicals. Chemicals have been long known to be disinfecting agents but there are a lot of side effects of using synthetics and chemical processes to disinfect water. Not only does chemically processed water taste different but there are health hazards as well. Moreover, some chemicals that are used in disinfecting have been proved to be useless against certain form of bacteria and germs.

Culligan UV systems completely destroy microorganisms that are known to be present in water. It also works well because it does not require human intervention time and again. Once the Culligan UV systems are installed and functioning, the water you get is always safely disinfected. Culligan UV systems are based on the fact that UV disinfects the germs that are commonly found in tap water or various other sources. Upon exposure to ultra violet light systems, these bacteria cannot survive the intensity of the high frequency of ultra violet rays and UV disinfects the water effectively and efficiently.
Some of the advantages of using the Culligan UV systems are that they are cost effective, an investment once during the installation and one is mostly sorted, the ultra violet light systems that use an UV lamp are not as costly as most people would imagine them to be and then the UV lamps consume lesser power than a normal incandescent bulb and lastly, in almost every case there is only a need to change the UV lamp once in a year. Besides, using Culligan UV systems can offer safe and pure water without the flavors that chemicals lend to the water after treatments.

Microorganisms can exist naturally in well, lake or pond water. These microorganisms include tiny bacteria, viruses, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Ingesting these organisms can result in severe illness and at a minimum cause stomach and intestinal discomfort. Culligan UV systems utilize the proven disinfection ability of ultraviolet light to provide a safe and effective method to improve your water quality. A Culligan UV (ultra violet light system) is designed to provide effective, reliable, chemical-free disinfection for your safety and peace of mind. But please remember it is critical to have your water properly tested before installing any UV light system because there are many water conditions that needs to be taken care of first before installation.

Protection from critters, bugs and bacteria in your water

UV effectively destroys microorganisms before they get a change to do damage.

No chemicals or by-products

UV disinfects using high intensity light energy. Unlike chemicals, it does not leave unwanted residuals or by-products in the water. UV light systems are clean, safe & offer peace of mind for the right water application.

Does not affect the taste of your water

Since there are no chemicals UV does not affect the taste, odor or clarity of the water.

Simple to install and maintain

Culligan UV systems are easily installed on your home’s main water line. Long lasting UV lamps require replacement only once per year. Culligan also have miniature UV systems designed specifically for your drinking water system.


Culligan UV systems require less energy than a typical household light bulb. The UV light is concentrated to focus on a small area. This concentration of UV light is what kills the “bugs” in your water.