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How Does Water Delivery Work?

Choose a Bundle

We offer a range of bottled water and cooler bundles to choose from. Select one of our standard options or customize your own.

Select Your Options

We will guide you through our ordering process and make sure that you find the perfect fit for your home or office needs.

Schedule Delivery

Your local Culligan dealer will schedule your delivery so you can sit back and enjoy a steady supply of cleaner water delivered directly to you.

Commitment to
Water Quality

At Culligan, our standards are just as high as yours. Culligan delivery service experts are all members of the International Bottled Water Association or the Canadian Bottled Water Association, which means they must meet rigorous criteria for water quality.

The Water Choices
You Crave

Your local Culligan water expert is your partner in bottled water customization. Choose from local options such as spring water, reverse osmosis water, de-ionized water and more.

Get Started with Bottled Water Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is each bottle?
Culligan bottled water comes in 5-gallon (18.9-litre) jugs. A minimum of three jugs per order is required for our water delivery service.
Culligan bottled water is most often sourced from springs and local municipalities. We’re transparent about our sourcing locations and processes, so speak to your local Culligan expert to learn more.
Regardless of the source, Culligan water generally goes through multiple rounds of treatment. This process may involve: Softening Reverse osmosis Ozone filtration UV treatment
Culligan water is generally softened. Why? Hard tap water — that is, water with high levels of calcium and magnesium — can irritate skin and cause a host of other frustrations. While it’s not hazardous to your health, hard water is a nuisance — one you won’t have to worry about with bottled drinking water.

Not all Culligan bottled water has added minerals, but some of our water delivery locations do take this step to create a refreshing taste. Reach out to your local Culligan Water expert to get additional information about the bottled water you’ll receive.

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Our address:  1236 Cleveland Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone:  (707) 545-1330 

After entering your zip or postal code, choose between our residential and office options and follow the prompts. You can choose how many bottles you want delivered, delivery frequency (monthly, every two weeks, or one-time delivery) and water type. If you need a cooler, we’ve got you covered there, too.

To cancel your bottled water delivery service with Culligan, you can simply click here . Once you submit our bottled water delivery cancelation request form, your local Culligan expert will reach out to confirm your cancelation and discuss next step.