Saving money and time with Culligan’s highly efficient and intelligent water softener

1.25 High Efficiency Water SoftenerThe Culligan HE 1.25 Softener is designed for a larger home and comprises all the benefits of the HE Series while satisfying a greater footprint. Optimizing salt, water, and electricity, this water softener saves you money and time, maximizing cost-efficiencies and minimizing cleaning efforts associated with hard water buildup.

The Culligan HE 1.25 Softener produces better-tasting drinking water for your family and pets and can help prolong the lifespan and efficiency of appliances, heating, and plumbing systems.


Benefits of 1.25-Inch High-Efficiency Water Softener

1.25 High Efficiency Water Softener Dialpad

1.25-Inch High-Efficiency Water Softener Specs


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