Well Water Filtration

Well Water Filtration Systems for Unparalleled Water

Since private well water is not federally regulated, water quality and safety is the homeowner’s responsibility – and potential problems aren’t always obvious. In-home water testing with Culligan is a great place to start. Our well water filtration systems give you cleaner, safer water and peace of mind from morning to night.


Problems Well Water Filters Can Solve

Many factors impact the quality of your well water, such as location, pollution and elements in the ground. From smart contaminant tracking to custom filters, Culligan has water filtration systems for well water that can target your unique issues and fulfill your home’s needs.


Rotten-Egg Smell

Hydrogen sulfide is common in well water and can cause a rotten-egg odor.


Potential Safety Risks

Microorganisms, chemicals and bacteria in well water can be harmful to your health.1


Rust Stains

Excess iron tends to leave orange-brown stains on sinks, tubs, showers and laundry.


Other Common Issues

Well water users also may deal with cloudy water, bad tastes, corroded pipes and other problems.

Well Water Filtration

Experience high-quality hydration with four-part filtration right on tap. As low as $15 Per Month
Prevent rust stains and improve water quality with an affordable solution.
Reduce rotten-egg smells by targeting hydrogen sulfide in your water.
Target excess iron and hydrogen sulfide with maximum water filtering capacity.
Get targeted filtration with the added convenience of smart features.
Addresses rotten-egg odors caused by hydrogen sulfide in water. As low as $43.95 Per Month
Upgrade your water by reducing sulfur and iron while unlocking smart features.
Chemical-free filtration reduces the negative impacts caused by iron.
Tackle iron and hydrogen sulfide while tapping into advanced smart features.
Address sediment, acidity or chlorine with an affordable system.
Popular for well water, with proprietary filtration customizable to your needs.
Get cutting-edge filtration paired with Wi-Fi connectivity and sustainability.
Delivers cleaner, safer water for just pennies a glass using advanced filtration specific to your home’s needs.
Get an unlimited supply of cleaner, safer water, plus smart features like tracking your cost savings and reduced contaminants.

Frequently Bought Together

No single well water source is the same, and a variety of factors such as location make your home’s water problems unique. Combining multiple systems may be optimal so you can trust that each and every tap provides the standard of water you deserve.

Whole House Filtration

Address common well water issues like iron, sediment, sulfur and more.

Reverse Osmosis

Treat your drinking water for a broad range of potential contaminants that are common in well water.

Water Softening

Protect yourself and your home from hard water damage.

Never Question Your Water Quality

Private wells are not government regulated, so annual water quality tests are recommended for well water. With Culligan, you can schedule a free water consultation with one of our experts who can then test your water and recommend the best solutions with options to buy, rent or finance.


Benefits of a Water Filter for
Well Water

While well water problems can seem intimidating, Culligan well water filtration systems are great solutions to tackle issues and have a long-lasting positive impact.


Innovative Smart Features

Gain insight into filter change needs, contaminants reduced and plastic bottles saved with our app.


Unlimited Water Supply

Savor virtually unlimited fresh, filtered water right from the tap for just pennies a glass.


Third-Party Certified

Enjoy peace of mind with systems that are rigorously tested and certified to NSF standards.


Targeted Filtration

Feel confident your well water issues are addressed with filters customized for your home’s needs.

Well Water Filtration System Reviews

Completely solved our rusty well water problem.

No more stained porcelain and we can wash our whites. Also, the filter allows us to drink the water with no “well water” taste!

— Jean K, IL

Love our clean water system!

And the regular maintenance checkups give us such peace of mind that our well water is coming into our home smelling and tasting great!!

— Erin S, FL

I have water now that I'm not afraid to drink!

I can also take a shower without a very strong smell of iron … I don’t have sediment building up in my faucets. There are so many reasons I would recommend Culligan to anyone that has well water.

— Desirae S, WA

Well Water Softener FAQS

How do I know if I need a well water filtration system?

Common indicators that you may want to consider a filtration system are unpleasant odors like a rotten egg smell, corroded pipes, foul-tasting water, sediment in your water or rust stains in sinks and showers. However, due to the lack of regulation of private well water, there may be more harmful contaminants present in your water that you can’t smell, taste or see, such as bacteria or chemicals.


That’s why the best way to find out if your well water would benefit from a water filter is by scheduling a free water consultation with a Culligan expert. They’ll come to your home and test for contaminants along with other common water issues. They will then recommend the best solution to ensure you get safer, high-quality water.

A well water filter can reduce contaminants and impurities in your water. Some issues, like hydrogen sulfide, can cause a rotten egg-like odor, while others, like iron, can leave stains and make water taste metallic. Water filters can also address harmful contaminants like bacteria and chemicals, as well as non-harmful but irritating substances like sand, gravel, dirt and more.

Having a water filter ensures you’re getting cleaner, high-quality water from every tap. With a Culligan whole house filtration system you can prevent foul odors in your bathrooms, corrosion in your pipes, or rust stains in your sinks and laundry. With a Culligan reverse osmosis system, you’ll notice a difference in taste with drinking and cooking. Best of all, you’ll feel confident your family has safer, cleaner water. For well water homes, it’s often recommended to combine multiple systems in order to get the most effective water experience.

The best filtration system for your well water depends on the specific contaminants in your water and any particular problems you’re looking to resolve, such as a rotten egg smell or metallic taste. Due to the lack or regulations of well water, there also may be additional issues you can’t smell, taste or see, such as bacteria or chemicals.


The best way to find out everything you need to know about your well water is by scheduling a free water consultation with your local Culligan Water expert. From there, they’ll diagnose any issues and recommend the best systems for your home.

To help determine the best size system for your home, your local Culligan Water expert will assess factors like pipe size, household water usage and flow rate. We recommend scheduling a free, in-home consultation to understand your water and get custom recommendations.

The cost of a Culligan water filter will depend on the system you choose as well as its features, efficiency, capacity and more. Culligan offers flexible payment plans whether you decide to rent, purchase or finance. Schedule your free, in-home consultation and a Culligan Water expert will help you determine what your home needs.

Culligan Water offers full-service installation that makes it easy to get started. At your convenience, your trained local expert will come to your home to set up your system according to local plumbing codes and the specific product you’ve selected. Before leaving, your Culligan Water experts will check the performance and show you how to operate the system, so you can enjoy upgraded water right away.

There is no difference between a water filtration system for well water and one for municipal water. However, Culligan has specialized systems and filter options that target specific problems commonly found in well water, such as iron, arsenic and hydrogen sulfide. With well water, it may also be beneficial to get a softening system, as hard water is a common well water issue.

Staying on top of maintenance and having your system serviced as needed can help increase its lifespan and its ability to consistently provide cleaner, high-quality well water. If you have a system with smart features that pair with the Culligan Connect App, you’ll also receive notifications if your system has a problem and needs maintenance. For any product, your owner’s guide will provide you with specific maintenance recommendations for your system.

To ensure your home gets the best well water experience possible, it is often recommended to combine systems. A reverse osmosis system focuses on water used for drinking and cooking. It targets a broad range of contaminants that are commonly found in well water and can potentially make drinking water taste bad, smell off or affect your health. A whole home system targets specific well water issues that impact water throughout your home, such as a rotten-egg smell, rust stains or sediment. Getting both systems is often recommended for optimal well water.